NOTE: Upon request, non-metallic options are available for all treatments listed. Patients may prefer these options due to environmental or biocompatibility concerns, or may wish to avoid potential toxic effects of metals, the dark colour of silver amalgam fillings, problems with temperature sensitivity, or concerns about oral galvanism and electromagnetic waves.

General dentistry

Our team can help you with any type of cavities, extractions, reconstructions or general oral examination.


If your gums are bleeding or swollen, you may need treatment for gingivitis (also called pyorrhoea). If you have problems with maxillary bones, we can also help you with appropriate treatment. Healthy gums are essential to keep your teeth and supporting bone structure healthy. If your gums are bleeding or you have a loose tooth, even if it seems like a minor wiggle, you need to talk to us. We can help.


If you’re missing a tooth and want a prosthetic replacement, we will fit you, matching the colour to your own teeth. We use the best materials and prosthetics, whether we are able to build upon an existing tooth structure or viable prior implant, and you can choose between a fixed or removable prosthetic.


Our endodontic specialists can help to preserve teeth even if they are very diseased. A root canal can cure infection and inflammation.


A broad range of options are available to help us straighten crooked teeth and improve jaw alignment in children and adults. Don’t let a crooked tooth make you hide your smile! Crooked teeth can also affect proper chewing of foods and lead to other health problems. We use the most modern, comfortable, adjustable techniques available, for the shortest possible length of time, and can offer practically invisible options, if you so choose. Our “invisible” appliances (e.g., Invisalign, aesthetic brackets) are adapted to the size of your teeth and are highly effective.

Temporomandibular Articulation

If moving your jaw hurts just below the ear, or makes noise, or if chewing or yawning gives you a headache, we might be able to help. We can offer you the most advanced solutions, using discreet, comfortable braces to correct any temporomandibular articulation problem you have.

Aesthetic Dentistry / Tooth Whitening

To complete your image, we can help your teeth achieve the whiteness you desire for your smile. We can also change the shape, colour and position of your teeth as needed.

Dental Hygiene and Preventive Care

Prevention is the secret to having a healthy set of teeth for life. Selecting a healthy diet, properly brushing your teeth, getting regular check-ups, and avoiding tobacco and alcohol helps to prevent dental and oral diseases, many of them resulting from accumulated bacterial plaque. At our clinic, we can advise you and provide those regular check-ups to help you optimize your health. An annual visit and fluoride gel treatment will contribute to minimizing future problems.
If you snore, we can also offer treatments to help you –and others!– get a good night’s sleep.

Implants and Oral Surgery

If you are missing a tooth, you now have the opportunity to recover both the aesthetics and the functionality of a full set of teeth. With modern dental implant techniques, we can replace one tooth, build complete dentures, or almost anything in between. The implant resembles the natural roots of your own teeth, making it both attractive and more long-lasting. If you need a surgical procedure for a complicated extraction of a wisdom tooth or any other problem, ask us! We can guide you to a successful resolution of the problem.